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Our Story

Inspired by "warung," the Malay word for a small family-owned store, at Waroong we reject the global trend that says the success of e-commerce must lead to a decline of in-store activity.

Instead, our mission is to blur the line between online and offline shopping using a little bit of technology and a lot of education. In doing so, we will foster an advanced commerce environment, one where efficient online transactions increase meaningful in-store interactions.

So whether it's the bodega around the corner or a mudi dokan in the bazaar, we will give every business the same chance to be discovered by new customers in the expanding digital economy.



Samiha M. Ahmed

Samiha is a Dhaka native who is a writer by trade and urbanist by training. At Waroong, she leads content creation, public relations, and project management.


Hasin I. Ahmed

Hasin is a native of Dhaka and has a varied background that includes design, data analysis, marketing, and international affairs. At Waroong, he is the overseer of all.

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